Sunday, 8 September 2013

Poulner Junior School

At the end of last school year we ran an ‘Education For All Day’ style morning for Poulner junior school. First we talked to them about the campaign and the desperate need that so many children have for education globally before asking them to complete their own teacher puppets to add to the growing collection we have made. As with all of the people we have run the activity with the characteristics of their ideal teacher included funny, enthusiastic, kind and so on but they also managed to think a little bit deeper and added traits such as qualified and understanding.

Whilst we, with the global campaigners, were running the morning’s events and activities John McLaverty, Nicola Cadbury and a camera man were also visiting and filming the day unfold and all the children getting involved with making their teachers.

After the Poulner children had gone back to their school with their puppets to send to their local MP with them, Nicola and John interviewed different members of the global campaigns group to ask them how they had been involved with campaigning events like Education For All day which was held on 21st June 2013. They also wanted to find out why the campaigners felt passionate about education as well as what they had learnt on their short time as advocates for the Global Campaign for Education.

Then we were whisked away to film part of the thank you film to all you campaigners who have made a difference to millions of children across our world. Here is the link…

Anyway, after our nice time in the holidays we must all knuckle down and get back to campaigning as there is still the remaining 57 MILLION children who are deprived of the right to an education.

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