Friday, 10 May 2013

Thank you letter from JOSH

On our visit to the JOSH project in India we donated some money from our school. They brought 'carom boards' a game enjoyed mainly by girls in India. They sent a lovely thank you letter back to us. Below is a copy of the letter along with some great pictures:

'As discussed, we have bought 3 caroms boards in the Youth Resource Centre and Minority Resource Centre run by Josh. We are enjoying a lot by playing it. More than that it has become a source of enjoyment for the volunteers. Due to caroms the centre is forming a carom club for playing it in a fanatic way. 

The experiences of the centre are really incredible.The students of youth resource centre just got a new tool of fun and enjoyment through which they are having more closeness with the centre and new students in the centre.

 Chandni –A volunteer of JOSH has her own experience and shares that she hasn’t played the carom in her life before this .She enjoys a lot and is very thankful to Ringwood School.
 The girls studying in the Minority Resource Centre share their experience that when they eventually get bored in their spare time they couldn’t find a way of enjoying themselves. But now they are able to explore their enjoyment and happiness through carom playing.
 Kekhasa – A girl of Minority Resource Centre says she often see boys playing cricket and badminton in the streets. Her parents allow her brother to play the games but not to her due to which she often feel depressed. She tells that due to carom she gets time to play and also have a chat with the other girls.  She is happy and enjoys a lot.'

 We are so glad that the carom boards have made a difference to those who attend the JOSH project. We hope that they continue to have fun with them.

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