Thursday, 18 April 2013

The National NUT Conference on Easter Saturday

NUT- On Saturday 30th we spoke in front of teachers at the NUT conference in Liverpool. Our speech reminded attendees that children abroad should have the same right to education as young people in the UK. We spoke about the schools we visited in the urban slums where we witnessed the inequalities of education faced by Indian children. We talked about our meeting with representatives of Oxfam India and about speaking at the public hearing. Having experienced the education system in India first hand, we hoped to deliver a powerful message about rights of children abroad to our teacher audience.

I hope the teachers gained a new perspective on teaching and the challenges facing some education systems abroad. The audience were really engaged in what we were saying and we hope they will sign up their schools to the 2013 send my friend to school campaign.

Sam adds that he hopes the campaign will gain momentum and that as the campaign gets stronger, governments will become more likely to act.
We were really thrilled to recieve a standing ovation from the delegates. We were glad to get teachers approval for our campaign. We understand that this was a first for global meetings at the NUT conference.

This week we have launched this year’s campaign within our school. All tutor groups are watching our video and next week we will follow up with assemblies.


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  1. Hi Sam and Millie - it was really brilliant to hear that your talk at the NUT Conference went so well. You really made a big impact on the teachers that attended. Keep up the amazing work :-) John