Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 1 on our fact-finding mission in India

We spent our first day in Trilokpuri visiting the Josh project in an urban slum settlement. Virtually all children we met said they were in classes of between 70 to 80 pupils at school, a real eye opener for both of us. We were stunned to hear this, as an English class size averages about 25-30 students.
We also heard from the children that many teachers do not turn up to school, miss classes, use their phones in lessons and don’t pay enough attention to students. They also regretted a lack of interaction with teachers. We wondered why and whether teachers in these large classes could actually cope! We hope to find further information about this later in the week. We also heard teachers had to spend a long time on non-teaching activities.
Our overall impression of Delhi was that this vibrant, noisy, colourful city is one of two extremes and reflects the ‘two Indias’. However everyone appears happy, perhaps happier than English students. Everywhere we were greeted with the warmest of welcomes with children laughing, singing and playing with us.

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